Synopsis :

Living in a small town in Germany, Lena (Friederike Westrup) has only one close friend, Gill (Anna-Maria Schneider) who is much older than her. She sees Gill as the center of her life, and Berlin as part of her dreams.

Screenings :

  • 7th Detmold International Short Film Festival, Detmold, Germany. 2011

Bewildering Beauty

2011 | 11:59 | HD | 16:9 | Fiction

Crew :

Written & Directed by
: Özgür Önurme
: Friederike Westrup, Anna-Maria Schneider, Levent Arslan
Director of Photography
: Anıl Kaya
: Martí Arnau Ortega
: Anna-Maria Schneider, Anıl Kaya
Executive Producer
: Yiğit Cansın Hekimci
: Levent Arslan

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