Synopsis :

People have some things that show them their path and make them happy. When people start to walk in the path they want to take they also become happy. Thats when the gray clouds disappear, sun rays start to touch our souls. What if you are living in a country where the gray clouds is always the forecast? Then you make the gray clouds disappear.

Gray Clouds Dispersing

2008 | 07:05 | HDV | 16:9 | Documentary

Crew :

: Erinç Ulusoy, Anna-Maria Schneider
: Guido van de Wydeven
: Iban Naravaez, Guido van de Wydeven, Jilou Rasul, Carole Meredith
: Kciuk & The Fingers, Majestic, Free Mind, Roots & Routes
: Giles Agis, Levent Arslan

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