Synopsis :

Have you ever lost something very precious for you? If you lose where will be the _rst place you look for it? Did you feel yorself alone while searching fot it? And in the end does all these things mean someting to you?

Screenings :

  • 6th Metro Group Short Film Competition, Finalist, İstanbul. 2008 
  • 8th !f İstanbul AFM International Independent Film Festival, İstanbul. 2009 
  • AFM International Independent Film Festival, !f Ankara, Screening. 2009 
  • 2nd İTÜ Short Film Festival, İstanbul. 2009 
  • 55th Oberhausen International Short Film Festival, Open Screenings, Oberhausen Germany. 2009 
  • 5th Detmold International Short Film Festival, Detmold Germany. 2009

Paper Plane

2008 | 04:02 | MiniDV | 16:9 | Fiction

Crew :

: Anıl Kaya
: Anıl Kaya, Erinç Ulusoy
: Ceren Gürdere
Director of Photography
: Erinç Ulusoy
Art Directors
: Bahadır B. Yaşar, Ekin Büyükşahin
: Erinç Ulusoy, Anıl Kaya
Sound Design
: Ufuk Önen, Ogün Dalka

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