Synopsis :

The story of the young who goes abroad to work,as many of them do do all aroud the world. The documentary tells about the travelling of the students and thier lives in Alaska ,which is another part of the world,which is thousands of miles away from their home.

Screenings :

  • 45th Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival, Documentary Section, Competition Film, 2008
  • 2nd Istanbul International Architecture & Urban Film Festival, İstanbul 2008
  • 20th International Istanbul Short Film Festival, Istanbul 2008
  • !F AFM International Independent Film Festival, IF Turkey, Shorts from Turkey, Istanbul 2009
  • METU Short Film Festival, 2009
  • Tehran International Short Film Festival, Tehran, Iran 2009

Fish & Chip$ " a story of youth"

2008 | 27:27 | MiniDV | 16:9 | Documentary

Crew :

Written & Directed by
: Erinç Ulusoy
: Turgay Şevişoğlu
: Turgay Şevişoğlu, Darren Pattison, Wiktor Dabrowski, Martin Palenik, Sebastian Bujak, Tuğçe Taşçı, Abdullah Ilıkan
: Erinç Ulusoy

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